OKD Farmhouse Bar Cabinet with Sliding Barn Door Review


Product Arrival and Packaging

When we received the OKD Farmhouse Bar Cabinet with Sliding Barn Door, we were pleasantly surprised to find that it arrived a few days earlier than expected. The packaging was outstanding, with all the pieces carefully wrapped and secured, and even the tempered glass windows were intact. The product came in two boxes, though it’s worth noting that both boxes contained a mix of the bar and hutch components, which helped maximize space and ensure durable shipping.

Assembly Process Overview

The assembly process was straightforward, thanks to the easy-to-follow instructions provided. Most of the tools needed for assembly were included in the package, and we appreciated the convenience of having everything we needed on hand. However, there was one minor issue with Part #14. It consists of two pieces, an upper and lower portion, but both were labeled as #14 in the instructions. It would be helpful if future instructions could differentiate between the two. Additionally, we recommend having some extra wood glue on hand, as the provided ampules may not be sufficient. The assembly itself required a good screwdriver and some arm strength, as there are quite a few pieces involved. It’s important to pay close attention to the indicated parts, as there are multiple sizes of dowels and fasteners.

Mid-Assembly Delay

During the assembly process, we encountered a bit of breakage due to our own oversight. Three parts moved when they shouldn’t have, which resulted in some “engineered wood” not being able to hold together. However, we were pleased with the customer service provided by the seller. We took responsibility for the damage and offered to cover the cost of replacements and shipping. The seller was extremely helpful and offered to send us the two available replacement pieces at no additional cost. We were able to salvage the other damaged piece with some wood glue and a wood vise.

Final Assembly

Once the replacement parts arrived, we were able to complete the assembly without any further issues. It turned out to be relatively easy, and we were particularly impressed by how smoothly the doors moved and how sturdy the cabinet appeared. We also appreciated the thoughtful inclusion of wood-grain stickers to cover up the exposed hardware.

Final Assessment

While the OKD Farmhouse Bar Cabinet with Sliding Barn Door looks great and functions well, our only complaint is the use of “engineered wood.” We acknowledge that this material is common for furniture, especially given the price range of this product. However, we had hoped for real reclaimed barnwood based on the product description. Nevertheless, this personal preference aside, the cabinet is an excellent choice within its price range. We would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a stylish and functional addition to their dining room or kitchen.

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Early Arrival and Packaging Condition

We were delighted to receive the OKD Farmhouse Bar Cabinet with Sliding Barn Door less than a week after ordering it. The prompt delivery exceeded our expectations and added to our excitement about the product. However, upon starting the assembly, we encountered an issue – a key piece was missing from the first step. We immediately contacted the seller, OKD-US, and were pleased with their helpfulness and prompt response. They assured us that they would rectify the situation.

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After patiently waiting for a week, we received the missing box and were able to proceed with the assembly. We were relieved and very happy with the final result. The cabinet arrived in good condition, thanks to the efficient packaging.

Efficient Use of Space in Packaging

The two boxes containing the cabinet were packed intelligently, making efficient use of the space. Although we initially encountered a missing piece, all the other components were present and well-protected. This thoughtful packaging ensured that the other parts of the cabinet were not damaged during transit.

Intact Tempered Glass Windows

One aspect that impressed us was the condition of the tempered glass windows. They arrived intact and undamaged, indicating the care taken in packaging and transport. These windows add an elegant touch to the overall design of the cabinet and allow us to display our glassware beautifully.

the OKD Farmhouse Bar Cabinet arrived promptly, and although we faced a minor setback due to a missing piece, OKD-US promptly resolved the issue. The packaging was efficient, keeping all components safe, and the tempered glass windows arrived undamaged. Overall, we were pleased with the product’s arrival and packaging experience.

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Included Tools and Instructions

The assembly process for the OKD Farmhouse Bar Cabinet with Sliding Barn Door was straightforward and manageable. The product came with a comprehensive set of instructions that were easy to follow. Additionally, most of the necessary tools were included in the packaging, saving us a trip to the hardware store.

Confusion with Part #14

One minor issue we encountered during assembly was confusion with Part #14. This piece was the back of the hutch and came in two separate pieces, an upper and lower section. However, both pieces were labeled #14, and the instructions did not provide clear guidance on distinguishing between them. This caused a momentary delay as we had to carefully examine the parts to determine their proper placement.

Need for Additional Wood Glue

While the product came with two small ampules of wood glue, we found that they were not sufficient to complete the assembly. We highly recommend acquiring your own wood glue to supplement the small amount provided. This will ensure a more secure and durable finished cabinet.

Number of Pieces and Attention to Detail

The OKD Farmhouse Bar Cabinet with Sliding Barn Door arrived in two boxes, each weighing approximately 100 lbs. We appreciated the careful packaging, as all the pieces were well-protected, including the tempered glass windows. However, it is important to note that the assembly process involves a significant number of pieces. Paying close attention to the different sizes of dowels and fasteners is crucial to avoid any mistakes.

despite a few minor concerns, we found the assembly process to be manageable. The instructions were clear, and the majority of necessary tools were included. The need for additional wood glue and the confusion with Part #14 were minor setbacks that did not overshadow the overall quality and functionality of the finished product. Assembly took us approximately 6 hours, but the end result was definitely worth the effort. We were impressed with the sturdiness and storage capacity of the cabinet, making it a valuable addition to our dining room.

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OKD Farmhouse Bar Cabinet with Sliding Barn Door, Kitchen Hutch Storage Cabinet w/Wine and Glass Rack, Drawers, Adjustable Shelves, Sideboard Buffet Pantry for Dining Room (Antique White)

Breakage during Assembly

When assembling the OKD Farmhouse Bar Cabinet with Sliding Barn Door, we encountered some issues that caused a mid-assembly delay. Unfortunately, three parts moved when they shouldn’t have due to a skipped step, resulting in breakage. We take responsibility for this mistake.

Excellent Support from Seller

We reached out to the seller regarding the broken pieces, and we were pleasantly surprised by their excellent support. We offered to pay for the replacements and shipping, but they went above and beyond to assist us. Although they only had two of the three damaged pieces in stock in the US, they shipped them to us at no additional cost. For the remaining piece, we managed to salvage it with some wood glue and a wood vise. The replacement parts arrived just in time, and we were able to finish the final assembly without any further issues.

Despite the mid-assembly delay, the support and assistance from the seller made the process smoother for us.

the OKD Farmhouse Bar Cabinet with Sliding Barn Door is a great addition to our space. The doors move smoothly, and everything feels sturdy without any noticeable rattling. We are impressed with its appearance and functionality. However, we have to mention that the “engineered wood” used in the construction is a sticking point for us. While it is a common material for furniture, we were perhaps expecting more at this price point. Nonetheless, if you are looking for a bar cabinet in this price range, we highly recommend considering this piece. Our personal bias towards the material should not deter you from its overall value.

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Completion without Further Issues

After receiving the OKD Farmhouse Bar Cabinet with Sliding Barn Door, we were excited to finally assemble it and see how it would look in our dining room. We were pleasantly surprised by the ease of the final assembly process and the overall quality of the cabinet.

The instructions provided were easy to follow, making the assembly straightforward even though there were numerous pieces. We appreciated the clarity of the instructions and the fact that we were able to complete the assembly without encountering any major issues.

While there were a few minor setbacks, such as misleading pictures and a broken backing board, these did not greatly affect the functionality or aesthetic appeal of the cabinet. The broken piece was easily fixed, and it remains hidden from view.

We do recommend allocating sufficient time for assembly, as there are many parts to put together. It took us approximately 6 hours to complete the assembly over the span of two days. Investing in a decent electric screwdriver is also advisable, as it significantly speeds up the process.

Additionally, we noticed that the cabinet came with a weathered box and a visible circle in the center of the backing meant for appliances, which was not shown in the product image. However, these were minor inconveniences that did not detract from our overall satisfaction with the product.

the OKD Farmhouse Bar Cabinet with Sliding Barn Door offers sturdy construction, ample storage space, and an attractive design. The final assembly process, while requiring time and attention to detail, was manageable and yielded a beautiful addition to our dining room. We highly recommend this cabinet to anyone in search of a practical and eye-catching storage solution for their home.

Warning and Precautions

Product Weight and Handling

When considering purchasing the OKD Farmhouse Bar Cabinet with Sliding Barn Door, it is important to be aware of the product’s weight and take necessary precautions during handling.

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The bar cabinet, with its sturdy construction and solid wood main pieces, is quite heavy. Packaged in two separate boxes, each box weighs around 100 lbs. When assembled, the cabinet weighs almost 200 lbs. Therefore, it is essential to exercise caution when moving and lifting the cabinet.

To ensure safe handling, we recommend seeking assistance or using lifting equipment when maneuvering the cabinet. It is always better to have an extra set of hands to help with positioning and aligning the pieces, especially when attaching the hutch.

Assembly and Time Commitment

It is important to note that assembling the OKD Farmhouse Bar Cabinet can be a time-consuming process. Some customers mentioned that it took them around 4 to 6 hours to complete the assembly, spread over two days.

The instructions provided are generally easy to follow, and most of the necessary tools are included in the package. However, careful attention to detail is required for certain steps, as misinterpretation of the directions can lead to the need for disassembling and rebuilding specific components.

For smoother assembly, we recommend having a decent electric screwdriver on hand, which can significantly speed up the process and prevent potential damage to the screws or the thin wood.

OKD Farmhouse Bar Cabinet with Sliding Barn Door, Kitchen Hutch Storage Cabinet w/Wine and Glass Rack, Drawers, Adjustable Shelves, Sideboard Buffet Pantry for Dining Room (Antique White)

Overall Appearance and Functionality

After thoroughly reviewing the OKD Farmhouse Bar Cabinet with Sliding Barn Door, we can confidently say that it is a remarkable piece of furniture. Its overall appearance is aesthetically pleasing, thanks to its antique white color and stylish sliding barn door design. The cabinet exudes a farmhouse charm that enhances the ambiance of any dining room or kitchen.

In terms of functionality, the OKD Farmhouse Bar Cabinet does not disappoint. It features ample storage space, including a wine and glass rack, drawers, and adjustable shelves. This allows for convenient organization and easy access to all your bar essentials. The sliding barn door adds a unique touch and smoothly glides open and closed.

Concerns with Engineered Wood

While we were impressed with the OKD Farmhouse Bar Cabinet’s appearance and functionality, we acknowledge some concerns regarding the use of engineered wood. Some customers expressed disappointment, expecting real reclaimed barnwood for the price. However, it’s important to note that engineered wood is a common material in furniture manufacturing, and the price of this cabinet reflects its affordability.

Personal Bias and Customer Recommendation

We understand that personal preferences and biases can influence individual opinions. While some customers experienced challenges during assembly and had concerns about the materials used, we believe that the OKD Farmhouse Bar Cabinet is an excellent choice in its price range. Despite the minor setbacks, the pros outweigh the cons.

We recommend this bar cabinet to anyone seeking a sturdy and attractive storage solution for their dining room or kitchen. The sturdy construction, ample storage space, and charming design make it a valuable addition to any home. With proper care, this cabinet has the potential to withstand regular use and provide functionality for years to come.


Final Thoughts on the OKD Farmhouse Bar Cabinet

In conclusion, the OKD Farmhouse Bar Cabinet with Sliding Barn Door is a versatile and functional piece of furniture that is perfect for any dining room or kitchen space. It offers ample storage room, including a wine and glass rack, drawers, and adjustable shelves. The sliding barn door adds a stylish touch to the overall design.

The bar cabinet arrived ahead of schedule and was securely packaged, ensuring that there was no breakage during shipping. However, customers should be aware that the cabinet comes in two heavy boxes, each weighing 100 lbs. Assembly can be time-consuming due to the large number of pieces, but the instructions provided are clear and easy to follow.

While the cabinet is made of engineered wood, it is still sturdy and durable. However, some customers have reported that the wood laminate on the surface is prone to scratching, so caution should be exercised during assembly and use.

Overall, the OKD Farmhouse Bar Cabinet provides great value for its price. With its functional design and stylish appearance, it is a solid choice for those in need of additional storage space in their dining room or kitchen.

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