Mr. Pen- Chip Clips, 18 Pack, 2 Inch, Assorted Colors, Utility PVC-Coated Clips for Food Packages, Kitchen Clips, Bag Clips for Food, Chip Bag Clip

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Mr. Pen- PVC coated clothes pins come in 18 pieces and in 9 different beautiful and vibrant colors.
Our pack of 18 chip clips is built from premium quality steel and PVC, not easy to damage, they are reusable and durable, best for travel, non-slip and easy to carry.
Each pin measures 2.14-inch-long and 1.16-inch- wide.
Mr. Pen- PVC coated clothes Pins can be used widely in our daily life, ideal for outdoor clothes line, laundry, food bag sealing, paper organizers, photo display, crafts, wall decoration, etc.
They are perfect for clothes line, bag sealing, paper clips, clothes pins, bookmarks, hanging messages, document holders.
List Price: $8.99
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