Makerstep Silicone Trivet Mat 3 Set in Heart Design Trivets. Hot Pan Holder Hot Pads For Countertop & Table. Non Slip, Serving Dishes Plates. Dishwasher Safe, Heat Resistant Kitchen Gadgets, Mint

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Attractive Stylish Trivet 3 Set gives your kitchen and table a fashionable look that is pleasing and relaxing with classic style. We love the floral 3D design that adds wonderful visual interest to any place setting or counter. This is the ultimate kitchen accessory you will use for every meal.
100% Food Grade Silicone the rugged modern material of choice for culinary excellence. It\’s heat resistant up to 482°F, very durable, and will last and look good for years of convenient and reliable use. This will not crack, fade, rust, corrode, or stain like many metal or iron trivets. Step up to this improved modern design that is a favorite of professional chefs.
Large Size holds any pan, skillet, serving dish, or hot plate. 7.75\” big and 1/4\”. It is strong enough to support large pans of hot potatoes, stews, soups, and other favorites. Never again worry about a hot plate or pan burning or scarring your table or counter. This trivet will give your home the reliable protection you need to keep your kitchen and dining room new and pristine.
Low Maintenance & Easy to Clean Scrub under running water or put in the dishwasher. These are much easier to clean than iron trivets that can rust and require additional scrubbing with careful drying. You can use and forget these for trouble free trivets that are always ready to assist.
Great for anyone who enjoys cooking or food preparation. Get yours while we have this great value in plentiful supply. It\’s selling quickly as cooks upgrade to the higher quality silicone with ornate design.
List Price: $9.99
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