MAGIC DISAPPEARING CHOCOLATE BALL 🍫🎱 #chocolate #dessert #recipes

Picture this: a tantalizing chocolate ball that mysteriously disappears before your eyes, leaving you in awe. In this video by Alix Traeger, you’ll be taken on a magical journey where this enchanting treat comes to life. Using melted semi-sweet chocolate and a fillable plastic ornament (or a balloon), you’ll learn how to create your very own version of the magic disappearing chocolate ball. After coating the inside of the ornament with the melted chocolate, it’s time to pop it in the freezer to set. But be warned, this process may take a few attempts to master. Once you have your chocolate ball, the real magic happens when you pour piping hot chocolate ganache over it, causing it to melt and reveal the hidden surprise – a delicious brownie underneath! In a matter of seconds, the awe-inspiring show transforms into a plate of decadent soupy chocolate. Prepare to be amazed and have good luck finding that brownie. Mmm, it’s a chocolate lover’s dream come true!

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To make the magic disappearing chocolate ball, you will need the following ingredients:

Melted semi-sweet chocolate

The melted semi-sweet chocolate is used to coat the fillable plastic ornament or balloon and create the outer shell of the chocolate ball. The semi-sweet chocolate adds a rich and indulgent flavor to the dessert.

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Fillable plastic ornament or balloon

A fillable plastic ornament or balloon is needed to create the shape of the chocolate ball. This will serve as the container for the melted chocolate and other ingredients. Make sure to choose a food-safe plastic ornament or balloon.


The brownie acts as the base for the magic disappearing chocolate ball. It provides a delicious and chewy texture that complements the smooth and creamy chocolate. You can either make your own brownie or use store-bought ones.

Piping hot chocolate ganache

The piping hot chocolate ganache is what brings the magic to the chocolate ball. It is poured over the chocolate ball, causing it to melt and create a visual effect. The hot chocolate ganache adds another layer of rich and velvety chocolate flavor to the dessert.


Before you can experience the magic of the disappearing chocolate ball, you need to prepare the different components. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make it:

Coating the ornament with chocolate

Start by taking your melted semi-sweet chocolate and pouring it inside your fillable plastic ornament or balloon. Roll the ornament around to ensure that the melted chocolate is evenly coated on all sides. This creates a sturdy and delicious outer shell for the chocolate ball.

Freezing the ornament

To set the chocolate coating, place the ornament in the freezer. This step is crucial to create a solid shell for the chocolate ball. Allow it to freeze for a sufficient amount of time until the coating is firm and secure.

Creating a hole in the ornament

Now that the chocolate coating is solid, it’s time to create a hole in the ornament. Carefully melt one side of the ornament to create a hole large enough to fit a small brownie. This will be where you insert the brownie later on.

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Placing chocolate ball over brownie

Take the chocolate ball and carefully place it over a small brownie. Make sure the hole is aligned with the brownie. The brownie acts as a support for the chocolate ball and adds an extra layer of flavor to the dessert.

MAGIC DISAPPEARING CHOCOLATE BALL 🍫🎱 #chocolate #dessert #recipes

Get your own MAGIC DISAPPEARING CHOCOLATE BALL 🍫🎱 #chocolate #dessert #recipes today.

Magic Disappearing Chocolate Ball

With the preparations complete, it’s time for the magic to happen. Follow these steps to witness the chocolate ball disappear before your eyes:

Pouring hot chocolate ganache on the ball

Take the piping hot chocolate ganache and generously pour it over the chocolate ball. The hot ganache will cause the chocolate shell to melt and reveal the hidden brownie within. As the ganache interacts with the cold chocolate ball, a mesmerizing visual effect will occur.

Momentary visual effect

After pouring the hot chocolate ganache, you will experience a momentary visual effect where the chocolate shell starts to melt away, revealing the brownie within. Enjoy this mesmerizing sight before the chocolate transforms into a pool of soupy goodness.

Final Result

Once the magic show is complete, you’ll be left with the final result of the disappearing chocolate ball. Here’s what you can expect:

Formation of soupy chocolate

As the hot chocolate ganache melts the chocolate shell, it will result in a plate of soupy chocolate. The melted chocolate will mix with the ganache, creating a luscious and velvety texture. It’s perfect for anyone who loves a rich and gooey chocolate dessert.

Difficulty in finding brownie

While the visual effect may be captivating, finding the brownie within the soupy chocolate might be a bit challenging. The brownie might sink and blend in with the melted chocolate, adding an element of surprise to each spoonful.

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The magic disappearing chocolate ball is not only a delightful dessert but also a fun and interactive experience. By following the steps and witnessing the chocolate ball vanish before your eyes, you can enjoy a unique and delicious treat.

So gather your ingredients, unleash your inner magician, and indulge in the magic trick that ends with a deliciously indulgent chocolate dessert.

Get your own MAGIC DISAPPEARING CHOCOLATE BALL 🍫🎱 #chocolate #dessert #recipes today.

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