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【5° UPGRADE VERSION】 Silicone sink faucet mat with upgraded 5° slope design and upgraded 0.79″ (2 cm) thickness, the kitchen faucet splash guard allows captured water to flow into the sink faster, resulting in faster drying of the kitchen sink. This means never gets soggy, or not having any water spots by the sink faucet. You don’t need to worry about the water staying on the sink & bathroom counter. Upgrading your kitchen sink & bathroom countertop in an effort-saving way!
【MORE ORGANIZATION】 It’s not only a faucet drying mat, it also a sponge holder for kitchen sink, dish soap tray, dish drying mat, kitchen organization, home organizer. For kitchen: put sponge, dish soap, detergent, brush, and bottle on it. Upgrade the size of the increase, you can put more kitchen supplies. Make your sink cleaner. Used as an organizer mat, drain pad. It is a super practical home & bathroom & kitchen gadgets!
【KEEP YOUR COUNTERTOP DRY】 While other kitchen faucet sink splash guards are made from hard-to-clean fabric that takes a lot of time to dry. Our silicone faucet water catcher for sink is made from 100% silicone, soft and reliable, reusable and durable, totally safe to use. Our silicone faucet handle drip catcher tray will catch the water and the water will drain to your sink, so don’t worry about the wet fabric mat and wash the mat and dry it.
【PERFECT KITCHEN ACCESSORIES】 Using these silicone faucet splash catchers with their grey luxurious, timeless color and seamlessly blends into your home to create perfect Sink Accessories, add a touch of luxury in your kitchen will give your house an amazing makeover and elevate your home decor.
Your faucet with a diameter of less than 2.56 inches. Faucets larger than 2.56 inches in diameter will make the silicone faucet mat uneven after installation.
That there must be no obstructions within a length of at least 7.9 inches on the left and right sides of the faucet. Otherwise there is not enough space to put silicone faucet handle drip catcher tray.
There is at least 0.79 inches from the back of the faucet to the wall. Smaller than 0.79 inches, no space for it.
Not applicable to curved edge, shaped sinks or basins, some sinks with built in water filter and hand soap dispensers.
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