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ALMOND CAKE RECIPE – How to Make Almond Cake with Almond Flour

Almond cake might just make you change the way you think about dessert! It is dense yet moist and you can adapt to suit your taste and add any fruit you choose – I added fresh figs and let…

homemade tagliatelle how to make tagliatelle pasta from scratch WX8vNXBoe8s

HOMEMADE TAGLIATELLE | How to Make Tagliatelle Pasta from Scratch

Tagliatelle Pasta is one of the most popular pasta shapes in the In this video recipe I am showing you how to make tagliatelle pasta from scratch using 2 #tagliatelle #tagliatellerecipe #tagliatellepasta ????Get the recipe on my website…

nnaro contaldos tagliatelle with mushrooms and truffles recipe citalia Q a D4QP21c

Gennaro Contaldo’s Tagliatelle with Mushrooms and Truffles Recipe | Citalia

The region of Umbria is known as the ‘green heart’ of Often overlooked for its more well-known neighbour, Tuscany, Umbria has much to offer its visitors, from beautiful countryside and historic towns to delicious, regional Umbria is particularly…

food fight short comedy skit 3k7v7jTXEs

FOOD FIGHT (Short Comedy Skit)

????SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL (IT’S FREEEEEE 😉 In my culture, and as a part of the business I run, it’s all about getting outstanding There is no competition for quality and that is why collecting the white…

how to make minestrone soup the right way 5BqQXzV8OxYhqdefault

How to Make MINESTRONE SOUP the Right Way

Minestrone soup is the most traditional Italian soup made in households all over Most families have their own version, but my absolute favourite is when the right mix of fresh vegetables and herbs come together in the pot and…

italian grandma makes easter cookie doll basket BDuvp0ltoPA

Italian Grandma Makes Easter Cookie Doll & Basket

EASTER COOKIE DOLL & BASKET 2¼ lbs All Purpose Unbleached Flour 4 tsp Baking Powder 4 tsp Pure Vanilla Extract 4 extra large Eggs 1½ cups Sugar 1 cup Vegetable Shortening 1 cup lukewarm Milk Hard Boiled Eggs GLAZE 2…

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PUTTANESCA SAUCE AND PASTA PUTTANESCA Puttanesca pasta is a game changer from Naples, If you think don’t like anchovies, think AGAIN! Smother your pasta in thick tomato sauce with a kick of salty anchovies and capers, throw some olives…

ABRUZZO ITALY – How to Make Pecorino Cheese & Handmade Spaghetti Pasta

Day 2: Italy Unexplored Agriculture, cheese making, a visit to a pasta LEGEND and institution of Pescara, wine tasting and relaxing on the beach By the second day our wonderful group have already bonded and many laughs have been

Italian Grandma Makes Fettuccine with Ricotta

FETTUCCINE WITH RICOTTA: 1 lb Homemade Fettuccine Pasta (or your favorite Pasta) (453g) 1 lb Whole Milk Ricotta (453g) 1 cup Pecorino Romano Cheese, grated (100g) ¼ cup Fresh Parsley, chopped (5-10g) ¼ tsp Black Pepper or to taste

Italian Grandma Makes Breadsticks with Cheese

Breadsticks with Cheese (Pecorino Romano): 1¼ cup Warm Water (300ml) 1 tsp Sugar (4g) 2 tsp Active Dry Yeast (6g) 3 cups Bread Flour (360g) 1 cup Pecorino Romano Cheese, grated (100g) 1 tsp Salt (6g) ½ tsp Black Pepper…

Italian Grandma Makes Fried Zucchini

FRIED ZUCCHINI: 3 Zucchini 3-4 extra large Eggs 2 cups All Purpose Flour ½ cup Vegetable Oil Capers Fresh Lemons Salt & Pepper to taste Watch my other videos at: Buon-A-Petitti Merchandise: FAN MAIL & STUFF: Buon-A-Petitti

earn how to make the best homemade pizza with gennaro contaldo citalia n VRntrbypI

Learn How to Make the Best Homemade Pizza with Gennaro Contaldo | Citalia

Pizza is arguably Italy’s most famous dish and can now be found all over the We’re most familiar with takeaway and even frozen pizza but once you’ve made your very own pizza from scratch, there really is no…

whats the origin of dishes like lasagna and spaghetti carbonara 3

What’s The Origin Of Dishes Like Lasagna And Spaghetti Carbonara?

Uncover the origins of lasagna and spaghetti carbonara! Explore the interesting history and cultural influences that shaped these beloved dishes.

gennaro contaldos orecchiette pasta with turnip tops recipe citalia aREpJHHF9pw

Gennaro Contaldo’s Orecchiette Pasta with Turnip Tops Recipe | Citalia

Learn how to make Orrecchiette con Cime di Rapa with Gennaro Contaldo and Citalia Cime di rapa, turnip tops, are also known as broccoletti because the taste and appearance are very similar to This vegetable is very popular…